Confident song production for artists and songwriters.


You wanna make an awesome record.
Here’s how we’ll do it:


You’ve got some brilliant songs, but aren’t sure how to make it sound the way you want. I’ve got the experience to bring them to life.


Once your song has been written and produced, it gets the balance, polish, glue, vibe, and loudness necessary to release it to the world.


I’ve got all the systems in place to make  collaboration and producing your song easy, even if we live on opposite sides of the world.

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I specialize in helping pop and rock artists finish their music with specially-tailored, high-quality production.


Whatever state your songs are in, from worktape to fully produced mix, there is a life hidden in your music. I can help you find what that is, fully realize it with you, and enable you to release music that you are 1000% proud of, and nothing less.

I believe the music creation process should be organic, collaborative, emotionally honest, a little weird, and super fun! There are no bad ideas, creativity is your rocket fuel, happy accidents are as valuable as laser-focused intent, and your song determines its own destination.


If you feel the same, I’d love to chat with you about your project!


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I’m Brian Skeel, and I understand the power of music. I believe that a good song has the potential to stand out on its own, but I also believe that strong song production and mixing can elevate a good song and make it stand out in a world where there is no shortage of new music.


I’ve worked with hundreds of artists, songwriters, musicians, and vocalists take their iPhone demo and turn it into something you’d hear on the radio, Spotify, or on a TV show.


Many of the productions I’ve worked on over the years have found their way into major productions, such as HBO series, Google ads, movie trailers for Universal, and Victoria Secret product launches.


I’ve seen too many artists with huge catalogs of unreleased music that they’ve been “working on” for years. These artists will revisit these tunes again and again, tweak a sound or two, then it will sit on the hard drive until it is time to tweak it again.


I believe a huge reason why that music sits on the hard drive without an audience is not because the song isn’t good, but because in its current state, the song isn’t inspiring confidence in its creator.


My goal to give you the confidence you need to put your music out into the world. And I do that with a vast knowledge of production, recording, engineering, and music trends, as well as my years of experience collaborating with artists from all over the world.


If any of this resonates with you, send me a message, and let’s chat about your dreams!

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