Hey there! Thank you so much for coming to me with your mixing needs! Below are some guidelines you should follow when sending in your files for me to mix. If when reading this you have questions, email me, and I’ll happily clarify anything you need before you start prepping your multitracks.


  • Please send me audio files instead of your mixing session.
  • Files must be WAV, AIF, or AIFF (no mp3s).
  • Don’t do any sample rate or bit depth conversion before sending me your files, I’ll take care of that on my end.
  • Make sure that none of your tracks are clipping (in the red) before you start bouncing.
  • Tracks need to be comped, edited, and pitch correction/time correction applied BEFORE mixing. If you need vocal editing done, let me know, and I can send you a quote for this service as well.
  • If possible, please include MIDI for all drum shells for easier sample replacement, if needed.
  • If possible, please include guitar DIs for easier guitar reamping, if needed.
  • Label all tracks with one of the following prefixes on each track:
    • d = drums
    • f = fx
    • b = bass guitar
    • g = guitars
    • s = synths
    • sb = synthbass
    • v = vocals
    • vfx = vocal fx (for isolated reverbs, delays, etc)
    • o = orchestra
      • Examples: d_Kick.wav, d_Snare.wav, d_AmenBreak.wav, v_VerseLead1.wav, v_VerseLead2.wav, etc.
      • If you have files like audio1.wav, audio1.dup.2.wav, etc, please rename them so we know what they are just by reading the filename.
  • Bounce all tracks in your session from the very beginning of the song, even if there is silence before a certain sound.
  • If you like how sounds are panned in your current mix, print stereo files of your panned tracks with the panning information intact.
  • Include one “reference mix” or “rough mix” of your song. This best demonstrates your mix in its present state, and helps me hit the ground faster with your mix.
  • Put all these audio files in a ZIP folder (labeled “Artistname-Songname.zip”), and upload to your favorite file sharing service (Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc). Be sure to hang on to the download link, that’s what you’ll use on the next page to send me your files.


Do I print my tracks with fx or without fx?

  • If you’re pretty stoked on the sound of your current mix and just want things tightened up and blended more, keep fx on like EQ, compression, saturation, etc, then send over these tracks as well as dry tracks. I ask you to include both in case I hear an opportunity for an improvement in the mix using your dry tracks. I will ask that you include reverb, delay, and any other time based fx on separate tracks, which will help if we need to do additional processing to the dry vocals themselves.

    • Examples: v_VerseVocal(Wet).wav, v_VerseVocal(Dry).wav, v_VerseVocalDbl(Wet).wav, v_VerseVocalDbl(Dry).wav, vfx_RoomVerb.wav, vfx_PlateVerb.wav, vfx_Delay1.wav, etc

  • If you aren’t in love with the sound of your current mix, no need to print your stems with processing on.

  • If you’re still not sure, email me, and I’ll happily coach you on a decision.

What’s included:

  • Unlimited free mix revisions for up to 30 days after the first mix is delievered

  • Final mix/master

  • Final mix, premastered

  • Final instrumental mix/master

  • Final instrumental mix, premastered

  • Group stems (drums, fx, bass, guitars, synths, synthbass, vocals, orchestra, etc)

  • Drum triggering (if needed)

  • Guitar reamping (if needed)

  • All in 48k, 24 bit AIF files, unless otherwise specified

What’s not included:

  • Mix session files or presets

  • Vocal editing, pitch correction or time alignment
    (contact me for quote if needed)

  • Instrument editing, beat detective, or quantization

  • Additional production/performances

  • Promotion or marketing

  • Printed multitracks (contact me for quote if needed)

  • Mix revisions or mastering/remastering after 30 days from when the first mix is sent (if you want to reopen a mix project after this timeframe, contact me, and I’ll send you a quote)

  • Mastering for vinyl. I’m happy to recommend a specialist!

Once your files have been prepared, click the button below to send them over!