Hey there! I’m super stoked to be working with you on your mastering project. Use the instructions below to prep your final mixes, then use the form below to answer some questions, and finally send in your music. If you have any questions, email me any time!

  • Make sure none of your tracks are clipping (in the red) before exporting.
  • Remove any master buss processing including limiting, buss compression, EQ, and saturation.
  • Make sure your master buss has 3-6dB of headroom (doesn’t peak above -3dB).
  • Export your songs in full quality WAV or AIFF (not MP3).
  • Name your songs with the following format: “TrackNumber-SongName.”
    • Example: 01-Breathe.wav, 02-OnTheRun.wav, etc
  • If you have alt versions of your tracks, please append them with the necessary labels.
    • Example: 01-Reclaimer.wav, 02-Reclaimer[SingleEdit].wav, 03-Reclaimer[Instrumental].wav, etc
  • Fill out the questionnaire below and include the link to your files.
Let me know in the comment section below if any of these are instrumentals or alt mixes. 😃
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Paste your Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, or other link here.